In addition to our core competence, trading with textiles, we initiated trading with durables from selective application ranges early.

In addition to trading we also focus on the conception and development of our own products. This expertise provides our customers the opportunity to realise their own ideas and designs. Along with our production partner in Asia we are able to offer fabrication of almost any product with an optimum price-performance ratio.

Our world of products:

  • Elektronics
  • Everything for babies
  • Office Products
  • Party articles
  • Housekeeping & Decoration

NEWTEX Trading - Gebrauchsgüter

NEWTEX Trading - Durables
For our world of products we did successfully develop and launch products.
Some of our finest examples:



  • Charging devices, battery test equipment
  • LED illuminants with any popular dimension of bases

Everything for babies

  • Radiant heaters for changing tables – with pedestal or for wall fastening, mobile radiant heaters
  • Thermometer for bathes, comforters and ears
  • Baby phone – with and without video surveillance
  • Milk heaters, breast pumps, mobile heaters for meals, steamers, sterilisation and thermos jugs
  • Scales for babies, bathroom toys, washing gloves
  • Night lights and articles for babies’ safety

Office Products

  • Laminators, cutting machines, calculators

Party articles

  • LED ice cubes
  • LED bracelets
  • LED staves
  • Kink lights

Housekeeping & Decoration

  • Silicon baking pans, plastic boxes, kitchen knives, bowls made from stainless steel
  • Picture frames, vacuum bags, LED wax candles, candles with changing lights